• Image processing software and services

    Tools to create advanced computer vision products without expert knowledge needed...

  • Image processing software and services

    Easy to use user interface...

  • Image processing software and services

    Web application to manage your videos. Privately in your intranet...

  • Image processing software and services

    Industry 4.0: Automate production line monitoring...

  • Microscope data analysis

    Machine learning powered microscope data analysis...

  • Image processing software and services

    Image and video de-identification...

  • Wildlife monitoring

    Automate wildlife monitoring, protect privacy (delete personal data)...

  • Accident detection

    Real-time accident detection...

  • Weapons detection

    Real-time weapons detection...

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We are a small company and provide professional software solutions and services for predictive analytics, image analysis, and video analysis. With our tools, anyone can now automate the analysis of various data types. Without the need for programming skills, you can achieve state-of-the-art results easily and fast. All data are stored locally (no public cloud solution is needed). We are flexible regarding of integration of our products including a rebranding.
Software products

Predictive Analytics

With the help of our cutting edge products, it is easy and fast to explore plenty of different algorithms, where no programming skills are needed. Those solutions can be easily integrated with your products or systems via API. We can provide a wide range of solutions starting from big data solutions, deep learning to solutions with very low computational costs. There is a focus on security, no need to sent the data to the public cloud.

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Quality Monitoring

The main obstacle to automate monitoring of production is its technological complexity, the relatively high costs associated with the development of custom solutions and also the risk the development will not achieve sufficient quality. Our solution is using state-of-the-art machine learning technologies, is fully automatic, easy to use and fast. Just give approx. 50 examples of defects and 50 OK images. Within a few minutes, you will get an automated solution.

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Training and Certification

Smart Surveillance

Analyze videos, images and notify security staff about events that are happening in the video in real-time, without storing personal information. It can be accidents, dangerous situations, violations of rules, an occurrence of weapons, cars in entering the pedestrian zone, or whatever it is needed).

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Research and Development

Video Content Search

Our video Intelligence solutions help you understand video content and search in the videos, so easily as you would be searching in text documents. You can customize what to search in the video files, you can train neural networks to adapt your needs. All of that with a focus on your privacy and IP protection, i.e. your data can be depending on your preference executed on your own hardware with no need to leave your intranet.

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Part of our algorithms we are providing free of charge under open-source license. You can download the code here.

About Us

BurgSys a.s. is an innovative joint-stock company involved in the image and video data analysis, machine learning, data mining, and business process scheduling. We possess plenty of advanced technologies for images and video processing. Our employees are highly skilled and highly motivated experts in the field of signal analysis and signal processing and they have much experience of innovation, research, and development, which have been applied to many fields of industry. We specialize in multimedia analytical solutions for enterprises (i.e. video and images). Our products can be used for rapid development of advanced analytical solutions and provide competitive advantages in a variety of fields.

Our goal is to provide leading solutions which will be easy to use and which will enable your development team to easily analyze unstructured data such as video and image data and bring you a competitive advantage, reducing the costs or increasing the quality of your products.

We provide flexible products and services that should suit small companies as well as large corporations.

Why Us


BurgSys provides cutting edge tools and possesses a lot of state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms. We are at the same time still actively involved in further research and monitoring the latest trends as regards image mining and video mining. We are active in research publishing in frontier research journals, our tools are used in academia with more than 500 citations. Because of that, we can offer innovative solutions for your business, which can give you a competitive advantage, help you get rid of routine work, make your work more effective or help you increase the accuracy and quality of your products. We provide leading solutions, state-of-the-art technologies.


One of the competitive advantages that we offer can be seen in the easy-to-learn tools. Thus we offer rapid system design and development, which can be significantly faster than conventional custom development.


We not only provide cutting edge tools for data analysis but also full support for these tools, and we offer custom development and research into new technologies for your specific problems, utilizing special hardware architectures, significant acceleration of your algorithms, and other services.