BriskMiner Desktop - Data Analytics Made Easy

BriskMiner Desktop

BriskMiner Desktop is a data analytics platform that is easy to use and is license friendly for integration with other products and embeddable with other platforms. With the help of BriskMiner Desktop, you can design advanced analytical models in couple of minutes with no any programming skills - just by using mouse drag and drop you can in couple of minutes achieve your goals.

With the platform you can easily load data from database or your dataset, explore the data, train various machine learning algorithms and statistically evaluate resulting accuracy. With its help the models are automatically optimized and also statistically evaluated so you immediately can assess its value.

The platform is also focused on analytics not only tabular data, but also unstructured like images, videos and texts.

The application is designed with the emphasis on privacy and data security. All the data are processed locally (or communicates with BriskMiner Server, which is ready to run in private IT infrastructure. Data are not being sent to any public cloud and thus matches well with GDPR regulation.

BriskMiner can run as a standalone application or can also be integrated into other products using public API o embedded as OEM software. The designed process can be easily deployed to BriskMiner Server.


  • Drag and Drop Design of Data Flow
  • All the state-of-the-art machine learning
  • Platform independent (Win, Mac, Android, iOS, ...)
  • Friendly for integration with other products
  • Automated optimization
  • Supports unstructured data
  • In accordance to GDPR, data are processed locally
  • General purpose
  • In-memmory analytics
  • Deep-learning
  • Big-data analytics
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