BriskMiner Server - Data Analytics Backend

  • Image processing software

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  • Image processing software

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BriskMiner Server is a backend for BriskMiner Desktop. It unlocks computional power of enterprise hardware to end users with usual hardware. It enables seamless deploymet of processes from BriskMiner Desktop to BriskMiner Server. It has also web interface where can user view process results and manage running processes.

The system is designed in focus on privacy. All the data are processed locally, there is no need to send the data to any public cloud.

BriskMiner Server works best with BriskMiner Desktop in setup where the Desktop is used to design a process and the Server is used to execute the process.


  • Run processes from BriskMiner Desktop remotely
  • Manage running processes
  • Schedule processes
  • Web interface for process results
  • Local data storage
  • API for 3rd party
  • Process data "in house"
  • Acts as stand alone solution
  • OEM licesing available
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