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BVideo is a web-based application for management of video content. With its help, anyone can upload video content, share videos with others, play the videos online using various platforms including Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Our intelligent computer vision algorithms will automatically explore the video content, split the video into logical parts and recognize what is happening in the video. The resulting findings are than stored to database and enables flexible and fast search in video archives. Its user is also allowed to customize description of the video content and thus adapt the system to actual needs.

The system is designed in focus on privacy. All the data are processed locally, there is no need to send the data to any public cloud.

BVideo can run as a standalone application or can also be integrated into other products using public API. Thus also other information systems can benefit from this product and enable advanced search capabilities.


  • Upload/share/delete video content
  • Play video from everywhere
  • Platform independent (Win, Mac, Android, iOS, ...)
  • Content based search
  • Automatic content annotation
  • Manual content annotation
  • Search in Videos
  • Training your own objects
  • Privacy - ready for your intranet
  • Searching in Images by Content,
  • JAVA+PostgreSQL Based
  • Fast processing
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